College application essays examples

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Buy college papers

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Business school application essay

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Students who want to advance their education in business matters find it hard to prepare their admission essays. The reason is that many people tend to think that application letters should only concern those people who learn about communication. This notion is very untrue. Business schools have similar procedures for admitting students to join them even though this does not mean that the application process for all business schools exactly the same. The truth is that every individual who intends to further his/her career in business must understand how to prepare an excellent business school application essay. The board that selects the students who should join the school is mainly guided by the student’s application essay and this means that those people whose application essay does not catch the eye of the application board members are left out and therefore cannot join the schools of their dreams. One may think that such decision by the board s too harsh for prospective students but it should be remembered that no person can succeed in business if he/she cannot communicate well.
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The people who do not have the skills that can enable them to prepare such applications have no reason to fail such simple tasks and risk missing the chance of joining the college when there are very many people who are ready to assist them. Good examples of such people who assist students in preparing admission application essays are the online writing companies that handle such tasks with high level of professionalism. One should therefore judge whether it is economical do their essays by themselves and fail when it would have taken a few hours and several dollars to get a good application from such online writers.

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Dental school admission essay

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The number of learners at every level of education is so high while the number of educational institutions has remained constant for the past ten years with the increase in the human population all over the world. What is the implication of this population surge in the learning institutions? Finding admissions into the colleges has become more and more competitive since the available admission capacities cannot accommodate the larger populations of graduates. Therefore, for the applicants to secure the limited application opportunities, they must demonstrate they are excellent and superb in their capabilities.
Professional essay writers and academic consultants have come to the limelight to make the student applicants realize their dreams in a quest to help student applicants emerge the best and clinch the few limited admission opportunities. It is through their example college application essays that the applicants could be guaranteed of the admission opportunities into some of the most prestigious colleges and universities.
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It has gone into records that getting an admission from the most prestigious colleges would not be possible unless the applicants seek the writing services of professional essay writers.
In different occasions, the essay writing companies have been praised by their clients who are highly satisfied with the quality of dental school admission essay they get from them. The customers are very happy with the college admission application essays from the expert for the simple reason that they are free from grammatical mistakes and typological errors. In the same manner, the essays are written to precision in an attempt to show that the applicants truly qualify for the course to which they make an application.

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Accounts of Prison Work Corrections Officers & Gender Occupational Culture Conflict A Study

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From Stojkovic, Stan “accounts of prison work: corrections officer s’ portrayals of their work worlds”, why did the officers perceive an erosion of their authority?
Correctional officers perceived the erosion of their authority as emanating from the administration practices, which change the officer’s way of applying policies to many inmates. Many officers are asked to maintain order among inmates in carrying out administration policies but most officers’ feel like applying those policies will make their job difficult. Correctional officers should practice maintaining order among inmates themselves rather than following the administrators’ rules which are unrealistic. Stan Stojkovic’s “Account of Prison Work: Corrections Officers’ Portrayals of Their Work Worlds” examines the interactions of correctional officers with inmate in the prison as well as the gap between policies and the practices that each officer had to carry out. Furthermore, this helps us identify correctional officers’ aspects in believing that they must ignore some of the official rules otherwise their jobs would be too complicated and too dangerous for them.
Reasons for perceived erosion of authority
A key challenge facing correctional officers relates to the changing prison policies which expands the prisoner’s rights and reduce their discretionary decision making practices as well as the rights of correctional officers to discipline prisoners as they feel necessary (Stojkovic). More often than not, correctional officers are required to punish inmates. However, they are expected to adhere to the set guidelines for fair punishment. Interviews conducted with correctional officers indicate that most correctional officers perceive such policy reforms as significantly inhibiting their ability to execute their duties and issue appropriate punishment to inmates who violate internal regulations.
Administrators and correction officers have had the discretionary to discipline inmates who break institutional rules in the past. Ordinary inmates were subjected to an all encompassing totalitarian system in which they were dictated to, exploited and kept in submission. Until 1960s, disciplinary procedures could be exercised without any difficulties because the prisoners were physically confined, had limited contact with the external world, and were legally in the hands of the state (Reisig et al 109). Additionally, formal rules governing prison conduct were almost inexistent.
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However, a series of Supreme Court decisions in the subsequent decades saw increased emphasis being placed on procedural due process in most sensitive of institutional decisions. These Supreme Court decisions prompted the establishment of rules that provide some elements of due process in the disciplinary proceedings. The eight amendments served to prohibit cruel and unusual punishments and have been tied to the prisoner’s need for decent treatment and minimal health standards. A punishment is considered unconstitutional if it shocks the general conscience of a civilized society, if it is unnecessarily cruel, and whether the punishment goes beyond legitimate penal aims (Reisig et al 114). While these reforms have served to improve the lives of inmates, they interfere with the process of issuing punishment. A correctional officer is no longer capable of executing punishment without prior consultation with the supervisor, which serves to undermine their authority.
Changes in administrative practices in issuing punishment have not only served to erode the authority of correctional officers but have also complicated their role. Due to policy reforms in the institution, correctional officer lack the discretion to issue punishment as they deem fit, which in turn undermines their authority in their capacity as correctional officers.

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Barack Hussein Obama Profile

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Barack Hussein Obama was Born on August 4, 1961 at Honolulu, in the family of Stanley Ann and Barack Obama Senior. In late August the same year, the parents separated due to education matters. They divorced in March 1964, and the father died later in an automobile accident. At the age of between six to ten he went to the local Indonesian Language based schools. In the year 1971, he came back to Honolulu to stay with the maternal Grandparents. He chose to remain after his mum and sister Maya went back to Indonesia.
The mum later passed on in 1995 due to cancer. He comes up with a writing called “The opportunity that Hawaii Offered” which is a reflection of his earlier life full of multiracial challenges. He also wrote about drugs, and the choom group, in which he was a member. It is in this group that they could smoke. In the year 1979, he moved to Los Angeles where he was to attend Occidental College and following the year 1981, he came out and made his first speech, and it was a public speech calling for the students of the university to change their attitude on apartheid policy referring it to South Africa (Amanda, 2008, 6). In1981, he went to Columbia University where he majored in the political science specializing in international relations. Therefore, he graduated with a degree in Arts. After graduating he worked with the Business International, and the New York research group.
In for Chicago Community and Harvard
After the graduation, he was hired to the director of the Developing communities to deal with the project, which was a church based community, between 1985 and 1988. He led to the creation of some good programs. Furthermore, he was working as a consultant at Gamaliel Foundations (Tim, 2007, 10). In the year 1988, he went on a trip to Europe and Kenya spending good time there, and came back in the 1992 (Philip, 2004, 7). Luckily, in the year 1988, he was offered an opportunity to work as a law reviewer at the end of the first year in the Harvard school of law. He was elected as the president of the journal while in the second year of study at Harvard school of law. He graduated in the year 1991 being famous, having been the first black president at the Harvard law school. In the year 1995, he published a book Dreams from My father, which talked about race relation.
At Chicago Law School and Attorney of Civil Right
In the year 1991, he was given the position of the visiting law, and the government official for two years. He later becomes a lecturer at the school teaching law since 1992 to 1996, and later becomes senior in 1996 to 2004. In the year 1992, he also directed a project vote called Illinois for registration. 1n 1993, he became a member of the 13 attorneys, a firm that dealt with civil right litigation (Ken, 2009, 20). From 1994 through 2002, he was among the board of directors.
He began the legislative career after being elected to be a state senator of the Illinois who was the successor of Alice Palmer in the year 1996 (Dan, 2008, 22). There, he was able to sponsor some laws like high credits of tax for the lowest paid workers, and was able to create some other welfare like childcare. In the year 2001, he gave a back up to the payday loan and mortgage rules. In 1998 general elections, he was reelected back after battling it out without difficulty. In 2000 he lost the primary race but got a re-election back in the year 2002 (Michael, 2013, 5). In the year 2003 he was made the chairman of Illinois Health and Human association giving services to the people. He supported a law against racialism, that was later on passed. In 2004, he run for the Illinois Senate and won. Afterwards, he initiated changes in the judiciary department especially the death penalty.
He addressed several meetings concerning the war that was ongoing. He had a different opinion on how the then president George Bush could have solved the problem instead of going to the war. He was sworn in as a senator in 2005, and was the only member of the Congress.
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As a senator, he co-sponsored many laws like the one to secure the Americas and their immigration, the leakage of nuclear registration and conventional weapons. The first one was signed by President Bush in 2006 making it the first law sponsored by Obama to be signed. In the year 2007, Obama together with Feingold introduced another policy of honesty and openness in the government, which went on successfully to be signed as a law.
Presidential Campaign
In February 2007, Obama announced his interest to vie for the presidency of the USA back in Illinois, the same place where Abraham gave out the speech, which was seen as symbolic. The main points he dwelled on were to end the Iran war, bring in more sources of energy to create independence, and provide good health care to all. Following several candidates joining the Democratic Party, this narrowed a duel between Obama and the co-rival Clinton.
However, Obama gained the fame steadily, and later Clinton endorsed Obama in 2008 on June (Peter, 2004, 3). The same year he named the running mate to be Joe Biden. The opponent at that time was John McCain of Republican. Obama garnered 365 electoral votes against 173 of McCain going on to win and become first African American president.
During his era, he was able to stir up the economic growth to greater heights. In his quest to fight terrorism, he managed to capture Osama bin Laden, though died while engaging in a fierce fire exchange with the corps. This achievement elevated his profile globally. In addition, he was able to initiate policies that improved the lives of the US citizens (Richard, 2007, 8). In the year 2012, he announced his intention to vie again for the presidency, where he faced off with Mitt Romney. Again he won the elections, and thus was successfully re-elected into the office as the president in a hotly contested race. Therefore, he is currently in office as the president of the USA.
His eloquence has endeared him to many people and other world leaders. Obama has significantly secured his place in his history since he is a role model to many people particularly many youths all over the world. This really makes me admire and aspire to develop good oratory skills future.

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Research proposal

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Ice Breaker

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Ice breaker is a clothing line founded in New Zealand but has branches and outlet stores all over Europe and America. Like many other large corporations, Ice breaker began a small commercial venture growing into a multinational marketing company. The growth of the company to its current level was as a result of clever branding and marketing strategies which saw it venture into the unforgiving US market. Head and founder of the company Jeremy Moon asserts that it was not an easy task selecting the best possible strategies that would aid a break even in the US market (Heath, pg.2). Moon in fact states that in the first year of entry, the company grossed just above $250,000 as opposed to the intended $1 billion gross annual revenue. A close study of the facts reveals that Moon and co. had to come up with a clear branding and marketing strategy that would create a niche for the company in the American market as well as internationally. In this regard, I examine the various techniques used by the company in creating solid access in the American clothing business.
Branding is marketing method applied by companies that in essence is used to nurture and establish a clear image for a company and in turn increase profits (Murphy, pg.77). In the reading, Moon states that one of his first objectives for the company during its establishment was a creating clear brand that would appeal to customers, distributors and marketers across the board. First and foremost, he used the fact that the company used all natural fiber i.e. sheep wool for their clothing. This particular type of branding would appeal to customers, especially those concern with quality and comfort. The use of wool fabric was a first in the textile industry because most clothing lines used synthetic fiber. Additionally, use of wool would mean manufacture of a lot of thermal wear which appealed to natives of very cold climates. Additionally, such branding also appealed to skiers, hikers, snow boarders and mountain boarders. This brand of manufacture greatly attracted many. Secondly, the reading supplies that Moon first named the clothing line “New Zealand High County” when he founded it in 1994. While this name would somewhat appeal to indigenous New Zealanders due to originality, Moon discovered that a more far reaching and unambiguous brand name would be needed. Soon after, he then changed the name to Ice Breakers and ultimately Icebreaker, a catchy and edgy way to describe his brand of warm, comfort clothing.
While a change of name helped the company in New Zealand, in America, a more commercial marketing strategy was required. Upon venture into the US, Moon reveals that the company failed to break even in the US by working with distribution companies and thus he embarked on a deal with solid retailers in thermal wear epicenters such as Tahoe, Aspen, and Sun Valley etc. and begin to encroach the market from there. Using this strategy, Icebreaker generated several million dollars for itself and its market share in thermal clothing kept increasing to date. To maintain and amplify its presence in American markets, Icebreaker created brand associations with thermal extreme sports and liaised with companies based in cold areas to provide thermal clothing for their employees.
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This created a forte for Icebreaker which no other company could contest and is in agreement with Moon’s assertion “A niche is all about focus, not size”.
From Icebreaker’s success story, it is evident that Moon was keen on creating a brand that would reveal key attributes on the whole concept of Icebreaker as a company. He additionally, intended for it to be a brand that develops in changing times but still retains the core vision of the company. This is quite similar to the marketing strategy employed by red bull in increasing its sales in Austria and markets around the globe (Johnson, pg.3). The company established its clear “Red Bull” brand that resonated strength, agility and endurance, retaining it to date. To break even in the American market, the energy drink focused on appealing to students, drivers, clubbers, business and sports people who regularly needed a burst of energy. To set their foot firmly in the ground, Red Bull made partnerships with many companies and used constant advertising to sell their brand.
The above reveals that in order to make good strides in business and commerce, a company has to make great efforts in branding. The proverb “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with others” and this is a strategy that has clearly been used by companies such as Icebreaker and Red Bull. To position themselves in American commercial markets, these companies built strong brand associations and used several useful distribution channels to get their brand into circulation (Adamson, pg.5). Through this, such companies asserted that they have particular strengths and to succeed with them, they shall partner with likeminded associates to institute and place themselves in trade.

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Personal statement

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The academic world today has very many students who want to and already are pursuing a myriad of degrees. The competition to get into the college of choice has made the writing of the personal statement paper a very important task that many students feel they must get right. Personal statement writing is very important because one is normally just given once chance to get the personal statement right and if one does not get it right in this one chance given to write the personal statement, chances are that the individual will not succeed to get into that college of choice. Please do not gamble away your only chance to get into your college of dreams rather, seek essay help here and therefore allow the essay help professionals here to write for you the kind of essay help that will mesmerize the admission committee and get you admitted.
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Essay writers

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In one of the rare occasions in the company’s history of writing, the essay writers presented all the APA style papers separately on that day. There was a need to do so. The essay writers wanted to see if any mistakes would appear in their work in terms of reference and documentation. This brought about some anxiety among some essay writers in regard to their APA style papers. The correction was to be done by board of examiners who were to examine the APA style papers keenly. Some of the essay writers feared that they would be stopped by board from writing. Immediately, the manager came in and explained that there was no need to worry. He actually said that none of the essay writers will be penalized for any careless mistake on the APA style papers. He even went further to say that it mattered less to worry about mistakes in APA style papers, because there are other styles of writing like Chicago, which is more complex. He looked at everyone standing at the veranda and saw their desperation.
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To console the essay writers, he told them that APA style papers were in demand once the corrections are made, the papers will be sold. The essay writers looked at each other wondering if that was possible. He again emphasized his point saying that the money gotten from the sale of the APA style papers will be used by the essay writers for self development. Everyone began applauding loudly and hilariously knowing something good was on the way and that the work was not all bad as some may have thought of their APA style papers. Finally, the manager left waving a goodbye to them all.

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